Physiotherapy at Gurgaon

Physiotherapy at Home

Ultrasonic Therapy

Therapeutic US is often used by physiotherapist to reduce pain,reduce inflammation, increase circulation, healing injuries ,joint contracture , and Increased mobility of soft tissue.


It is a deep heating modality which is used to treat pain and relax musculoskeletal structure around the affected area , loosen the tight muscles fibers and provide .its commonly used for bursitis, tenosynovitis, fibromyalgia , arthritis etc.

Laser Therapy

It is a intensity therapy help in reducing the inflammation , increase healing process , restore the normal body function by blocking the pain producing chemicals and release ion channels that produce an relaxation effect .


It refers to a pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve which branches from your lower back through your hip and buttocks and down the back of each leg . Physiotherapy treatment which various modailty and excercise regimen help to relive the pressure on the nerve .

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It is a hand and arm condition that cause numbness , tingling and other symptoms .This is usually caused by a nerve that may be pinched or compressed in your wrist due to overuse or injury . Physiotherapy with combination of US , MHP , coldpack , excercise help to reduce the compression and pain and will ensure you to get back to the daily activities .

Planter Fascitis

It is a result of degenerative irritation of the planter Fascia . Sharp pain in your heel and underneath of your foot are the symptoms. Pt help to reduce pain level , improve biomechanical abnormalities , improve flexibility , strength with rehab protocol .

Heel Spur

It is a bony growth attached to the heel bone and grow into your foot arch due to biomechanical abnormalities, flat feet , improper foot wear , walking on uneven surface and cause pain under foot and sore lony bump. Aim of PT is to reduce pain and avoid surgery and relax the tissue that surround the bone .