Department Service


Migrane & Headache

R u suffering from severe headache on one side of your head or headaches above your eyebrow. Do visit us to get yourself diagnosed properly and relief yourself from these regular pains

Stress & Anxiety

Your day to day routine is full of anxiety and stress. Visit us to solve your stress issue through cranial osteopathy used widely in european countries to decrease the stress level.

Posture Problem

Do u have a Desk job n most of the time you have a felling of uneasiness around your neck and shoulder. Then u definitely need a posture correction exercises. Feel free to book an appointment with us.


Do u often feel lethargic and irritated throughout the day. Then contact us n book your appointment today.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissue Injury is a damage of muscle, ligament and tendon.It usually occurs from sprain,'s symptoms are like.....pain, swelling,bruising,and loss of movement.


It's a development impaired ability to communicate to others,poor eye contact, compulsive behaviour,learning disability, unaware of others emotions, anxiety,change in voice,etc.

Special Child Osteopathy

Osteopathy is very effective in special child...there are a cranial osteopathy that helps a child who has a DIFFICULTY OF BIRTH or for those child who are UNSETTLED. Cranial osteopathy works with the body's involuntary mechanism. It helps to maintain the balance and improvement in their activities.


Temporomandibular joint or TMJ DISFUNCTION can lead to pain and discomfort.There are difficulty in chewing or toothache, joint locking, sweeling, difficulty in speak, and Stiffness. And sometime feeling pain in & around your ear also and difficult to open and close your mouth.