Neuro Physiotherapy at Gurgaon

Neuro Physiotherapy at Home


People suffering with this problem may find difficulty with evryday movement like walkimh or getting in and out of a chair .PT concentrate on the physical manifestation of disorder , maintain and Improve level of function and independence and educate the person with Parkinson's and their family members.


This is defined as a accident of the brain with rapidly developing clinical signs of local or global disturbance of cerebral functions lasting 24 hours or longer . Early PT helps pple relive vital ablities help to stimulate affected muscle and nerve to maintain circulation and prevent siffness.


PT with CP experience problems relted to mobility, function, posture, and balance . PT rehab is often the first step in treating CP improve motor skill and increase potential for physical independence .

Muscular Dystrophy

This result in progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass and muscle and continued lead to deformity. PT working with regular stretching , strengthening ,ROM ,gaitand posture help the client to move independent.