Chiropractic Treatment at Gurgaon

Chiropractic Treatment at Home

Tennis Elbow

Simply taking an anti-inflammatory medicine or bracing the area isn't going to get to the root of the problem. Chiropractor take a whole body approach, including diet , supplements , lifestyle choice that will help the healing process of tendonitis .


Depending on the pain and severity of the sprain and any prblm in ankel chiro adjustment are very effective in treating and preventing ankel problem.

Back Pain-

one of the major cause of LBA can be dics bulging or herinated disc resulting in pain when moving the back or radiating to the lower limb. Chiro treatment is very effective for radiating pain by spinal manipulation and other techniques progress by spinal excercise regimen .

Shoulder Pain

this is a most mobile joint in the body. Sh pain and dysfunction is a chief complaint commonly presenting to a now a days . your sh can move out of alignment . chiropractor restore should alignment , improve the sh syndrome and maintain proper posture .

Neck Pain

In this era we all are facing common problem of cervical spine coz of no physical excercise , faulty posture etc . Chiropractor use a combination of spinal manipulation , mobilization in a great way to manage and relive swelling and discomfort.