About Us

Welcome to Physio Chiro

"Physio-Chiro Advance Physiotherapy" is one-stop treatment center which provides complete rehabilitation to Orthopedic difficulties such as PIVD, cervical dysfunction. sports injuries, Neurological complication (Parkinson. Paralysis, stroke, spinal cord injury, Muscular dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy 'CP').

Our Aim

• To identify the root cause of the problem followed by diagnosis and proceed to treatment by engaging the best suitable approach such as Manual Therapy. Electrotherapy & other advance techniques like Dry needling. Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Cupping therapy, Yoga & Moksha Therapy.

• To provide the best class services for Body Positional Faults, posture corrections & spinal alignment to make a person feel pain free, flexible and independent.

• To improve the mental health & well being through psychological counselling.

• To cure physiological aspects of any oondition of bones, muscles & joints which can not be neglected.

CONDITION TREATED - Physiotherapy Treatment

Disk bulge Arthritis Osteoarthritis
Rheumaeoidarthritis Bursitis Elbow Pain
Foot Pain And Problems Low Back Pain Hand Pain
Knee Pain Injuries to the Knee Kyphosis
Neck Pain And Problems Osteoporosis Spine scoliosis