Sports Physiotherapy at Gurgaon

Sports Physiotherapy at Home

Jumper’s Knee

This is also known as patellar tendinitis. It happens when there is an injury or inflammation to the tissue that connects your kneecap and thigh muscles to your shin bone. Sports repetitive jumping are common cause. Sports physiotherapy treatment is more effective with special techniques like taping, strengthening exercises.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Area inside the shoulder is affected when the same actions are repeated many times like tennis , swimming, baseball etc. Sports physiotherapy helps to reduce inflammation, pain and range of motion by electrotherapy , strengthening exercises, taping and cupping therapy.

Shin Splints

It happens when the muscles and tendons around shin become inflamed. This injury often impacts runners and basketball players. Physiotherapy playes a vital role in this injury at the acute stage with taping , stretching and sports massage , strengthening exercises.

Hamstring Strain

muscle gets pulled while playing football, sprinting , soccer. Caused by rapid extensive contraction or violent stretch of hamstring muscle group which causes a high mechanical stress. It can be mild, with little pain and a short recovery time or severe which requires surgery. Sports physiotherapy is the primary objective of rehabilitation program like eccentric exercises, dry needling, deep stripping massage , kinesiology taping etc.